The Mesquite Fire Department wishes to announce that a new member of the Fire Department’s family is taking over the public information officer responsibilities.  Captain John Gately has served as the public information officer for the past few years, and has done an excellent job.  During Captain Gately’s time in the position, he made a lot of changes which improved the way information was quickly and accurately released to the media and the public.  We wish to thank Captain Gately for his hard work.

Firefighter Ryan Thornton is the new fire department spokesperson and will be the primary point of contact for significant incidents, events, and breaking news stories.  He will also be issuing press releases and handling dissemination of information requested by the media.

The purpose of having a public information officer is to define the department’s spokesperson and to give community members and media personnel an available resource and access to Mesquite Fire Department related information. It is the fire department’s goal to effectively and accurately disseminate fire related information.   Ryan may be reached at the email address provided above.  He will also be available at his mobile number which will be provided on future press releases.


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