To the Editor:

I am busy and had given myself that excuse for a week of procrastination. It would not be right to keep my “Thank you” to a single call to the business and a thrilled reporting to a few friends. Last week, I was with my friend viewing the movie Unbroken. I was so engrossed in the brutality and strength depicted; I left the theater still in deep thought. I was driven there by my friend and not miss my handbag until the following day. I only had $15 in my wallet but the pictures and other personal things were of great value to me. I called that following day but with little hope for the return of either my $15 or the other valued possessions. My friend offered to pick the bag up for me, he noticed my obvious happiness that it was there, matched with a lot of nervousness over what might be missing. Wow, it is difficult to express the joy and relief when I opened that bag and found every single thing there, even the $15. I am so proud to be a citizen in this wonderful community. I have seen it grow and still retain the special integrity that recommends Mesquite to so many people. I did call the manager of the Redd Hills Theater and he did seem pleased that his staff had represented the policies he has in place. I just think the whole city should know we are valued and safe when going to the movies at Redd Hills Theater. Thank you so much, mystery helper!

Ann-Marie Isenburg