Oct. 15, 1908: The Hon. Levi Syphus Was over for part of the week on business pertaining to the Mesquite Irrigation Co.

A kind of Cholera Morbus is tasking the rounds of the children.

Oct. 14, 1909: Miss Lula Foster move from Washington UT to Littlefield AZ where she will teach school this winter.

Oct. 12, 1910: The threshing is all done.

Bishop Jos. I. Earl has installed a telephone in his home.

1911 Oct. 6, 1911: It will be some time before water will be in town again. (Previous week was a flood that damaged the dam and irrigations canals)

The threshing of the alfalfa seed was finished today.

Oct. 16, 1911: All the Toblers and Wittwers who are relatives of old Father Tobler and Mother Tobler of Santa Clara have gone there to take part in the celebration of their golden wedding anniversary.

Oct. 18, 1912: Mrs. Herbert Waite Fell off a horse was riding and was severely bruised and shaken up. She was unconscious for some time after help reached her.

A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Tobler on October 13th.