The new home construction industry in Mesquite doesn’t show any signs of slowing down based on the number of permits issued by the city in May.

Home builders took out 25 permits for single family residences last month for a total valuation of $5.630 million. That’s nine more permits than May 2016 and an increased value of $1.828 million than last year’s $3.801 million.

Pulte Homes of Nevada, the company that builds all new homes in Sun City Mesquite, took out nine permits in May. LHSC and Nevada Residential Construction (NRC) each took out four permits. Two permits went to Catamount Development, Warmington Residential Nevada and Davis Construction each while AMB Construction Inc and Maves Construction Inc each took one permit.

The highest valued new home construction permit was $405,054 (Maves) while the lowest valued came in at $171,210 (Catamount).

Most of the new home construction was valued in the $200,000 range.  Other than the Maves’ most expensive permit, only one other permit ($304,902 – NRC) exceeded that range. Six permits were issued for homes in the high one hundred-thousand-dollar value.

Permits for residential modifications fell to five this year compared to 13 last year with an overall value of $69,216.

Commercial modification permits likewise fell year-to-year from six in May 2016 to four this year. Also in the commercial categories, the city issued one permit for commercial buildings and two new business permits in May 2016. No permits were issued in those categories this year.

Three permits were issued last month for swimming pools compared to none last year.

Miscellaneous permits rose to 81 this year compared to 53 last year.

The city issued a grading permit for the new library co-located with the old one. One other grading permit was issued for new construction on Hafen Lane.

Permits for block walls, usually an indicator of new home construction, rose to 14 this year compared to nine issued in May 2016.

Overall, the city issued 135 permits valued at a total of $5.968 million in May. That’s an increase of $1.380 million from last May when the city issued 103 permits with a total value of $4.588 million.