From left to right are Maggie Marleau, Anna Greblowski, McKenna Didrickson, Kaylee Griffith, Matty Ellison and Christina Leach (not pictured) received the award. Submitted photo.

Troops #27 and #827. Submitted photo.


This year Girl Scout troop #27 was invited to the awards ceremony in Vegas. Six girls received their Bronze award which is one of the three highest in Girl Scouts. The girls put a lot of work forward last year to recruit more girls for the upcoming year. At the Awards Ceremony the girls received another surprise.  Troop #27 and troop #827 are this year’s top sellers for the Nut Fall Sales in the Southern Nevada area. Every year our Girl Scout group continues to grow. With every year each girl learns something new, whether it be how to help the environment, be kind, courteous, helpful, and a friend to all fellow girl scouts. I look forward to the years to come as  our troop begins to grow.