Former Mesquite child actor Kaige Caswell plays the lead in Durango High School’s Production of Aladdin. Caswell is one of the fighters on the ticket for the eleventh annual Mayhem in Mesquite which takes place on May 20. Submitted Photo

Mesquite Gaming has been bringing Mayhem and Mixed Martial Arts into Mesquite for several years. The local crowds have been happy to go a full 10 rounds with the MMA card including fighters from gyms in Nevada, Utah, Arizona and California. In the 11th round, they are bringing in a former local celebrity Kaige Caswell.

You might remember Caswell in his many roles with both Mesquite Kids on Stage and Missoula Kids Theatre. He’s taken his talents even farther with roles held in the past few years at Durango High School in Las Vegas where he moved to in 2014. He’s starred in the high school production of Aladdin and is presently playing the role of Jehan Frollo in the Hunchback of Notre Dame. The current high school production will be taken to national competition June 14-24 in Lincoln, Nebraska. Caswell aspires to be an actor in New York after he graduates in June.

On May 20, you’ll see Caswell in a very serious role, debuting as an independent in the upcoming Mayhem in Mesquite. Caswell is grateful to be in, he just knew this was his shot so when he found that they were looking for a 135-pound fighter he said simply, “I’m your man.”

“The energy and excitement we see at the Mayhem events continues to grow with each installment,” said Ely Prussin, director of player development for Mesquite Gaming and founder of Mayhem in Mesquite. “It’s been rewarding to see attendees come out time and again to support and cheer for their favorite fighters and Tuff-N-Uff has once again put together a remarkable card for this eleventh event in Mesquite.”

After fighting for just a short time with X-treme Couture, Caswell just couldn’t afford to keep up with the costs of the professional gym but he kept up on his own even taking on Jiu Jitsu lessons with a friend. He’s a high school wrestler and knows his opponent’s strong moves. He hopes his training has been enough and he’s going out there with the spirit of doing his best. Casewell hopes that many of the Mesquite crowd will be there to cheer him on in his debut role.

“We’ve built a great momentum at the ‘Mayhem in Mesquite’ events and we’ll continue to bring a stellar lineup of the future stars of MMA to the CasaBlanca Resort,” said Tuff-N-Uff CEO, Jeff Meyer.

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