I was raised to have manners; to say ‘please’ & ‘thankyou’ and to always show respect to my elders, whether I knew them or not. That’s what my parents and grandparents taught us. We were also taught to be law abiding citizens. So what happened here America? The lack of respect is an ongoing problem everywhere…it doesn’t matter where you go; you see it in public places like stores, restaurants, parks and on our busy highways. What is even more disturbing is the lack of respect given to our men in Blue; our Police Officers (Law Enforcement).

I am in utter shock that people have no problem killing officers today! It’s a sad state of affairs. Where did this element of people come from? It feels as if something worse is on the horizon, though I’m not sure what. Maybe they should pull violent video games off the shelves, because it’s clearly out of control. People are becoming so desensitized it’s alarming. Recently 2 officers were killed in the same day in Wisconsin; different incidents. Today, I was reading about another officer that died when responding to a store robbery in St. Lois, Missouri. What I found so disturbing was that the clerk actually streamed his death (while on the ground) on Face Book!!! What the hell was that about? She should be fired. Before the officers’ family could be notified, it was on live streaming as he took his last breath. I’m so deeply saddened and sick at society’s behavior today; talk about lacking respect!? Every single day that these men and women put on their uniforms, they know…there’s a chance that something bad will happen, but they do it to keep us safe; like our veterans have and those currently serving. They all deserve RESPECT.

When I see an elderly or disabled person walking towards a door or trying to cross a street, I show them respect and help them, that’s what everyone should do…but it doesn’t happen. I respect the illegal immigrants that file their papers and try to do it the right way when entering America; I do not respect those that barge through and feel entitled regardless of what OUR LAWS SAY. This is a problem within our society. If people don’t respect the law and we let everyone stay…what does that say? We need to uphold law and order, but instead… some look the other way. Where are the morals and values America? Like the clerk that streamed the officers’ death, she might have been able to save his life…but oh no! She streamed it instead while watching over him. We cannot have that kind of behavior in our world, it’s NOT OKAY.

For what it’s worth parents, PLEASE teach your children to be respectful, while teaching them that there are consequences when not following the rules; just like the laws we have in place. Choose to make a difference…it might save a life.

Make your week count.