1. Travel Insurance. Accidents seem to happen while on vacation. Check with your health insurance policy to see if you are covered while traveling. Medicare only covers the U.S and its territories, as do some Insurance companies.   While in a foreign country, getting home to the U.S  can be costly and timeliness may be relevant for your health.  Getting an airlift home may not be possible without insurance. If you are not covered by your insurance, you will need to purchase travel insurance.
  2. Take all your medication in the correct prescription bottle with the label attached. A letter head letter from your doctor listing the generic names of your meds may be useful should you have to get a new prescription filled because of loss or damage.
  3. Carry a list of your life threating allergies.
  4. Carry copies of your travel documents and passport in your luggage in case you lose originals.
  5. If going to a foreign country list your travel plans with the U.S Embassy in that country. Enroll online at step.state.gov/step Enrolling will enable the embassy to keep you informed of natural disasters, civil unrest, or family emergencies.
  6. For the record if you are informed you need to evacuate a country, the cost incurred is yours to pay.  If the Embassy has to arrange for evacuation it will be to the nearest safe place; not necessarily to your home. Travel Insurance is always a good idea.  Check the policy before purchasing; be aware of how they handle emergencies like those mentioned above.

Packing tips Update

One bottle of baby oil plays multiple rolls. On cotton balls it is a great make-up remover.  Put in bath water and it is a skin moistener.  It can be used as body lotion, when needed.

Save shower caps (used) and the long plastic bags your newspaper is wrapped in on rainy days.  They both make wonderful shoe protectors in your luggage. They fit all size shoes and keep dirty shoe soles from your clothes.

Longer trips that require washing your clothes, do not forget to pack a pillow case or large bag to carry your clothes to and from laundry. Inside the laundry bag, I include a pod of all-color bleach and dryer sheets for soft clothes, less need to iron.

I always pack an extra small folding   suitcase/bag, just in case my shopping bug bites and I am made an offer I can’t refuse.

Everyone knows to pack socks inside shoes, but Ladies do you remember those change of purses? I find they are good for nylons, hair ornaments, jewelry, and any small items needing extra protection.

Use only TSA-approved locks on your checked bags. If your bag is selected for random screening, agents will not have to cut the lock to get inside.

Rolled clothes really do turn-out fewer wrinkles.

Cruisers, pack one small bag with P.J.s toothbrush, travel papers and one change of clothes for pre or post hotel stay.  That way you will not have to open your major large bag. This works well on road trips heading for a specific destination.

When traveling abroad, do not forget to pack extra copies of your travel documents and passport and I.D.  Things will go much easier if your wallet or purse is stolen with the originals in them.

Do not forget plug adaptors for foreign outlets and a must are suction wall hooks; works great in ship cabins, small room and showers.