It seems like a lifetime ago when life was simpler, even surrounding noises (regardless where you were) didn’t always capture the attention of bystanders…but that’s all changed today. With cell phones at an arm’s reach into a back pocket or in a satchel of sorts, Americans are ready to snap a quick shot or flip to video mode in a fraction of a second. There are so many incidents being caught on camera these days it’s been desensitizing people of all ages in our country. Take this first example…the Face Book killer. This man approached a perfect stranger, who was a father and grandfather, minding his own business on Easter, when this person walked up to him at point blank and shot him; how horrific is that?! This past weekend, a vehicles dash cam catches what appears to be…a girl falling out of the back of a bus, and now news channels are showing this everywhere; yet they warn you that these images may be graphic, hard for some to see. Years ago we heard the news, but today it’s apparent that they want you to see the news in its entirety. This cannot be healthy for our children (or young adults) to be viewing all of this constantly, as images of violent crimes and accidents will desensitize people to a point where feelings become lessened to these kinds of actions. Another example would be fighting (live) on social media this last winter, where they killed an innocent boy with needs; my soul couldn’t bear it…so I refused to watch.

On another level…we’ve all recently watched as the airlines were chastised by the public and news media. First, United Airlines removed a passenger by dragging him off the aircraft; and of course it was videoed and put on social media immediately. Then, weeks later a newlywed couple begins their tirade, all over seating on the aircraft (I believe this was Delta); instantly catapulting them into the spotlight. From there… it’s now about the lady with her two young children boarding (American Airlines), while wanting her stroller to come with. Someone immediately starts to video this as she begins to cry, claiming the attendant was rude and hit her; all of this on social media sites…and why? This doesn’t serve a purpose anymore; it’s creating such an angry and insensitive world around us, there’s no sense in it. I’m not lessening what may have been done to these people, but airline employees have an enormous responsibility and since 9/11 it’s been difficult for everyone. People are less respectful of others and it clearly shows.

As time changes, our world grows, technology improves and instead of using what has been created for more good, we begin to see more malicious acts by those who want all to see… How in the world did we get here?! Even television programming shows more violent crimes than ever and uses language our children shouldn’t be learning or using. Americans keep pushing the envelope, always wanting a little more. As for me, I have a hard time viewing any shows with weird, taunting violent acts against others, including animals for that matter. Whether what I feel is right or wrong, I had to express my opinion, and what I know is this; the good ole’ days were one hell of a time, without the craziness of videos, cell phones, GPS and computers…there was a little more love and a lot less hate.

Make your week count.