Beaver Dam sophomores working

The halls of Beaver Dam this year rival many local art galleries.  With the Photography Class beginning to display their work, color and interest is everywhere to be found.  Another visual addition has been the student maintained bulletin boards.  Each class has a 3 by 5 foot board to decorate.  Ms. Calton, Principal/Superintendent is an expert at understanding student motivation.  She came to Student Council this year with a proposal that raised the artistic level of the boards for all 6 classes.  Beaver Dam HS only has one lunch period to serve 200+ plus kids in 25 minutes.  Ms. Calton suggested that we have a bulletin board competition every two months, with the winning classes getting to go to lunch 5 minutes early.  Panels of 3 to 5 adult judges look at creativity and execution in deciding who the winners will be.


It was amazing how quickly the Student Council class representatives elevated their creative skills.  They would plan, solicit help from other classes makes, and then meticulously create a new work of art.  Every two months, new education or school themes were turned into colorfully executed works of pop art.  The Middle School classes, who had never had experience with design at this level, quickly learned, and all the boards were a great addition to the color, energy and pride at BDHS.

Beaver Dam seniors board

We just concluded our last competition, with Juniors and Seniors finishing first and second.  Over the course of the year, every class got at least on turn at going to lunch early, and for that,  BDHS has looked great all year long.