November 29, 1913: Northern boys put one over Las Vegas by score of 25 -21 The Thanksgiving basket ball game, the first of the season for the Babcock cup (which is on display at the museum).
Bunkerville: Zelma, the four year old daughter of Thos D Leavitt, was playing on some bailed hay and jumped off and broke her arm between the wrist and elbow. Bp Edward Bunker was called to set the child’s arm.
November 30, 1910, Bunkerville: A number of teams (horse teams) have gone to Grand Gulch to haul ore to Moapa.
November 30, 1912: Wm. Potter Jr of Mesquite and E Bunker Jr of Bunkerville were among the men from the north end of the county attending court as members of the grand jury.
December 1, 1911: Albert Wittwer and Benjamin Bunker went to Los Angeles last week with pigs to market, they found good sale for them.
A thanksgiving meeting was held at the ward meetinghouse (church building) yesterday at 11 am and suitable program was rendered. A ball game was played in the afternoon between the schoolboys and the town school boys were the winner with a score of 13 -21. A picnic dance at night closed the proceedings.
December 5, 1913: Last Monday Herbert Waite was coming from Moapa with the mail when his team ran away, threw him out bruising him up pretty bad, also broke an arm of a passenger, Mr. Pearson of St Thomas.
Edgar Leavitt of Mesquite is putting up an adobe house for George Hunt.