Crossing paths with an old friend or acquaintance somewhere can happen when least expecting it. In fact, it’s not uncommon to run into an old class mate or someone from our past. It’s what happens at the end of that quick unexpected meeting that we’ve all experienced at one time or another; those last famous words spoken…“Someday let’s get together for coffee or lunch.” It all sounds great, but once we walk away from one another… the likelihood of seeing them again is not so great. So why do people use the word ‘Someday’ when departing an old friend or acquaintance? Maybe it’s because the word itself means an indefinite future time; it’s unknown.

Using the word ‘someday’ in a sentence leaves that person open to the option of not possibly replying to the particular invitation extended. Now call me crazy…but why bother saying it in the first place if it isn’t something you’d want to do? Some believe that its’ just plain rude, while others want to leave it as an open ended suggestion. As for me, I think I’ve used the word before but would no longer use it, because rarely does ‘Someday’ ever come. Let’s use a different scenario, example; …how might one feel at a job interview if the employer at the end says; “Well, everything looks good here, so we’ll give you a call ‘someday’ next week” …Hmmm, does the employer really call back then? Not likely. Another old cliché’ using this word is… “Someday you’ll understand” This doesn’t go over well either, as its assumption is the one speaking has more authority over the other and so now it becomes offensive. It’s commonly used by an egotistical person, if you catch my drift. Let’s use a relationship with this one; “We just can’t be together, it’s not you really, but someday you’ll understand.” This is no good, they might as well tell you to go stick it, because that someday usually never comes, what’s to understand, they didn’t want to be with you. However…not everyone actually says it to be cruel or insensitive, though this phrase is used a lot by many.

Recently in one of my articles, I wrote about ‘National Holidays’ which seem to occur nearly every day…so my thoughts are this…let’s make ‘Someday’ a National Holiday; this way…it can actually come one day. See the irony? And now a quote by Marilyn Monroe ~ Someday I want to have children and give them all the love I never had.

Make you week count.