The April real estate sales article published in the Mesquite Local News on June 2 was based on faulty data received from a third-party database thus skewing the transaction numbers.

The original article reported only 35 real estate transactions were recorded by the Clark County Assessor and Treasurer in the Mesquite and Bunkerville areas in April compared to 127 transactions recorded a year earlier.

Corrected data actually shows 113 transactions recorded by the assessor and treasurer in the Mesquite and Bunkerville areas this year.

In April, the assessor recorded transactions for 45 single family homes compared to 59 last year. The highest sales price was $1,287,372 for a home built in 2006 that has 2,428 square feet in Canyon Crest. The lowest price recorded was $79,500 for an 1,182 square foot house built in 1990. Eleven homes in Sun City Mesquite recorded real estate-based transactions in April with the highest transfer value at $350,000 for 1,571 square foot home built in 2009 and the lowest at $188,632.

Four single family homes transactions were recorded for the Bunkerville area in April with the highest transaction recorded for $229,000 for a 2,908 square foot home built in 2007. The lowest transaction stood at $74,900 for a home built in 1901 with 1,568 square feet.

Townhome transactions recorded by the assessor this year stayed fairly steady with 22 compared to 24 transactions for townhomes in April 2015. The highest recorded transfer value was $355,236 for a townhome in Calais built in 2013 that’s 1,621 square feet. The lowest value was recorded at $90,100 for a 1,240 square foot townhome built in 1996 just off South Grapevine Road.

Condo-related transactions in Mesquite rose to 20 in April compared to 14 condo transactions recorded a year ago. The highest value recorded this year was $141,900 for a 1,328 square foot condo built in 1999. The lowest value was $69,000 for 996 square feet on a condo built in 1997.

There were 22 real estate transactions involving vacant land recorded by the county assessor and treasurer during April.

We strongly encourage you to consult a professional real estate agent for more information and guidance about the real estate market, especially if you are buying or selling property. This information is not intended to equal the advice you can receive from a professional.

[Editor’s note: The Mesquite Local News regrets the original report published in error.]