Co-founder Mark Meyers was at this year’s jamboree once again to help educate visitors about the ins and outs of his organization, Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue. Photo by Stephanie Clark.

The 4th Annual Donkey Jamboree was held at the Golden West Restaurant & Casino, 91 E. Mesquite Blvd., on March 4, sparking the interest of locals as well as those from as far away as Los Angeles. “We had several people here from Las Vegas, too,” said Joan Dunkle, co-manager of the Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue Scenic Satellite location. “It’s just amazing to see so much support from everyone,” she added.

There were over 500 people throughout the four-hour period and the organization surpassed their monetary goals as they have for the past three jamborees. The raffle contest alone raised over $1,000 that will go towards the needs of the Scenic operations in addition to other money raised through merchandise sales.

At the moment, the PVDR Scenic location has 23 donkeys, with more expected in the next few months as roundups of wild burros are conducted in nearby states.

To show off the amazing animals they have for people to visit with were Luna and Pepper, two of the younger donkeys that are at the site. Luna was the first donkey born at the Scenic location and at two years old looks to be aging gracefully. Pepper is just over a year old and came to the rescue at three months old from a roundup in Texas last year.

Mesquite’s own Bottoms Up performed their music for four hours during the 4th Annual Donkey Jamboree on March 11 despite a warm sun and a brisk breeze. Photo by Stephanie Clark.

Dunkle also noted that three or four new volunteers signed up to help their cause as well as new foster signups.

PVDR’s founders Mark and Amy Meyers made the trek from San Angelo, Texas once again to help educate the community on what the network of rescues in the PVDR do, both individually and as a whole. “It’s always great to get out and help show the public how much good can be done,” said Mark. “Mesquite has always been so supportive of our cause, and we can’t thank them enough.”

Golden West manager Jeanne Guttke wasted no time Saturday night in pushing for a fifth jamboree in 2018. “She asked us at dinner that night,” said Dunkle. “I think it’s safe to say this event will continue for quite a while.”

For more information on the PVDR, call 928-347-4506 or find them on Facebook.