Mesquite’s ‘Car-nado’ just descended upon the Riverside Road area that has three major construction projects in progress through the next few months.

A major road construction project near the famous Spaghetti Bowl in Las Vegas was recently dubbed ‘Car-nado’ because of the havoc it wreaked on travelers. Mesquite’s version of three major construction projects, all within sight of each other, deserves the same moniker.

And, if you thought the intersection of Riverside Road and Hafen Lane was tough before, you probably need to find another road to wherever you’re going for the next three months.

A dual project between the city of Mesquite and the Virgin Valley Water District began March 1 along the busy Riverside Road between Mesquite and Bunkerville that reduces travel to one lane each way. All of the pavement will be torn up and new water lines will be laid down before a new surface is installed. The project also calls for new sidewalks along the stretch between Mesquite Boulevard and the Virgin River bridge.

Mesquite General Contracting is responsible for the $1.9 million project that has a required completion time within 100 days.

While a new water transmission line project under the Virgin River may not affect road travelers, it’s part of three major construction projects underway in the nearby area.

At the same time and almost the same location, Mesquite General Contracting is managing a $1 million contract to install a new water transmission line under the Virgin River near the Riverside Road bridge. The project will install a redundant line between the water wells and storage tanks on the Bunkerville side of the river to transmission lines on the north side of the river. The single transmission line now in place moves about 40 percent of Mesquite’s water supply to users.

While the project won’t disturb travelers, other than lookie-loos, it’s expected to start in the next week and has a 60-day window for completion.

Finally, the White Rock Road construction project that begins on the Bunkerville side of the Virgin River at the Riverside Road bridge will close the back road to Scenic, AZ until April 21. According to Clark County, who is responsible for the project, the $1.5 million project will pave a three-mile stretch from Riverside Road to the Arizona border.

While Mesquite doesn’t see many tornadoes, this Car-nado may be the next worse thing.