Many of us grew up watching award shows, from the Oscars to the Grammys… it was an evening of entertainment and watching your favorite celebrities, just to get a glimpse of what they were wearing; but today it’s apparent they are lacking in both.

Beginning with an acceptance speech, I believe that the general public has grown tired of the constant vexing of politics. I understand the freedom of speech, but to have one award show after another this year with personal opinions, it seems inevitable and the world is growing weary; remote in hand waiting to turn it off the moment they deliver a political statement. I can only hope that this won’t continue through the upcoming award shows, next being IHeart Radio and the Billboard Music Awards. Respectively speaking about music, I guess the lack of clothing also ranks up there these days. Since when does cleavage include the naval area? As I wait… watching for stunning feminine gowns or that classic look, I now realize I’ll have to wait for that one celebrity that dresses exceptional,  no matter if they are entertaining or accepting an award, they bring it; example being Adele. There is no stopping this beauty from success.

Award Show entertainment has definitely changed over the years. I remember when music had the ability to provide something for everyone, and while it may not have been appropriate for all ages it was still entertaining. My own views have significantly changed today. I could listen to a bit of rap here and there, not to mention rock, classical, blues, country and even pop… but that seems long ago. I’m not sure what to call the type of rap that this Grammy Show provided, but I couldn’t listen, as it was loud and in your face. What did disappoint me was at how Metallica (metal band) performed with Lady Gaga and the microphone hardly worked for them. No one discussed that or even brought it up for that matter. That’s as bad as Adeles’ first acceptance speech, for her song ‘Hello’ when she gave thanks to Greg Kurstin, her co-writer (producer) and they cut him off! I know things can happen, though it seemed a bit suspicious. I will watch the upcoming Billboard Music Awards, with the optimism that maybe it’ll be worth viewing as well as entertaining. There is music today worth listening to, and for all those artists who continue to write good music and those who inspire to sing it, Thank you for your talents.

Make your week count.