TBL President Dave Maglie (right) introduced Commissioner Paul Mokeski (center) and Coach Carlnel Wiley (left) during a meeting at the Mesquite Recreation Center Thursday evening.

Photo by Lou Martin

Former NAPB basketball League President Dave Magley’s first comments during a meeting with local Mesquite locals Thursday night August 16 were,” The Nevada Desert Dogs were not coming back next season, but immediately added, the Mesquite Desert Dogs will begin play in 2019.” Those in attendance .gave Magley a huge round of applause before Magley continued with his press release. Magley explained the League’s name has been also changed from the North American Premier Basketball league to The Basketball League (TBL) to simplify imaging and marketing. “It made sense to remove Nevada from the Desert Dogs and insert Mesquite to give the team a real local flavor, “added Magley. “It is our hope our new products will motivate locals to participate in ownership of the Dogs. Our first games will be played in January which gives us plenty of time to put the changes in play, find a venue and put a fun group of professional basketball players on the court. Some of last year’s players are playing around the world and making a lot more money, but I’m sure we will have some returnees.” President Magley was not finished in announcing league changes for this season. Last year’s Desert Dog coach Paul Mokeski was introduced as the new TBL commissioner.

“This is the first time in 25 years that I will not be on the court, coaching,” said Mokeski. “Dave (Maglie) and I have been together since we were 17 at University of Kansas. Dave and I have a large group of cities interested in joining the league and will decide those cities after vetting.” Mokeski then introduced new head coach, Carinel Wiley.

Wiley was assistant coach to Mokeski last season. “I need to do my job,” said Coach Wiley. “I need to help the kids become the best (players) they can be. I own my own court which we will be playing on next year at whatever venue we choose. I need your (Community) support to succeed.”

Magley ended the meeting with the following comments. “The coaches and players will be living and playing in Mesquite during the season. They will be visible throughout the community and we will be at the schools with the players helping in any way to help the youth of Mesquite.” He then opened the meeting to comments from the audience before finishing the meeting.