When it comes to helping people with cancer, providing resources for those struggling to pay medical bills or educating people on risks to help prevent cancer Yoli Bell is the one name that continually pops up in Mesquite time and time again; it’s because her name is synonymous with the Mesquite Cancer Help Society (MCHS).

Bell founded the organization after her own struggles with Breast Cancer; the number one killer of women in the United States. Cervical Cancer is the number one killer of women worldwide.

Since her own struggles and the inability to really work with national organizations getting help, she founded the MCHS because she loved her community and wanted those facing the same struggles to find real help. Bell explained, “National organizations dole money out to thousands and thousands of people and they’re so large that it takes an act of God to get any real help, I didn’t want that for my friends. All the money collected for the MCHS from our community stays in our community.” Bell’s organization is small but mighty and has helped hundreds of Virgin Valley families fight this dreaded disease. Bell and the MCHS have been instrumental in helping families survive financially during their fight but all the financial help in the world can’t stop cancer; education, prevention and early detection can.

On Thursday, Oct. 11 Bell organized a Lady’s Tea that was held at the new Women’s History & Culture Center. Twenty five women attended to meet Mesquite’s newest Ob/Gyn, Dr. Stephanie Nainani. Bell is a patient of Dr. Nainani and found her to be a wonderful doctor; so wonderful that she wanted to share her with the rest of the Mesquite community.

Most women in attendance found her to be open, honest, and down to earth; the type of doctor who gives her patients quality care with a practical approach. She began the lecture on the number one killer but it quickly became an informative and fascinating lecture on her approach to both the detection and treatment of the disease and patient care overall.

Dr. Nainani believes there are seasons to life, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically; especially women’s lives. In each season of a woman’s life, from menstruation to menopause and beyond , changes happen; changes to bodies, lifestyles and minds and each of those seasons bring about a different plan of ‘care action’ when it comes to women’s health issues but Dr. Nainani’s practical approach to patient care isn’t going to just lump you in with the average. She’s going to look at you as an individual, assess your risks, your needs, your everything before she moves you forward in any type of care and from listening to her speak; she’s the sort of doctor every woman dreams of having; committed, caring, patient and one who not only listens but understands that all women have very individual and varying needs.

The practical side of her does look at the numbers, she does a lot of reading and research into women’s health issues and she respects the work of her colleagues but isn’t willing to just go with the flow when it comes to her patients. She says, “The so-called experts don’t really agree on what is the best course of care for annual testing, hormone replacement and a plethora of treatment plans and options when it comes to women’s health. I believe the best course of action/s is to always take it patient by patient.”

Dr. Nainani obtained her Master’s Degree in Biochemistry form Loma Linda University, CA where she also earned her Doctorate in medicine.

Dr. Nainani was brought to Mesquite and offered a place in the OB/GYN department by former Mesa View Hospital CEO, Patty Holden, who was attempting to expand the department. Dr. Nainani was brought in as a part time doctor who was to provide patients with both prenatal and delivery services. The arrangement was perfect for her in this season of her life. She was thrilled for this opportunity and working in such an intimate setting. She looked forward to providing quality patient care and delivering many healthy babies but her plans had a monkey wrench waiting on the sidelines and nobody knew.

Holden retired less than a year after bringing the doctor on and the plans to develop the Labor and Delivery services were retired along with her.

Mesa View closed their Labor and Delivery unit on Oct. 1 which left Dr. Nainani without the ability to do half of what she came to Mesquite to do but she’s still got that practical approach and will still provide prenatal patient care and she’ll give you the best she can offer without leaving you hanging on the delivery.

Dr. Nainani has already worked out a plan for her mom’s that makes it possible for them to receive the best of both worlds. Dr. Nainani isn’t about getting all the money, refreshing isn’t it?

She can’t personally deliver your baby but you will get to know the doctor who will. Dr. Nainani has an Obstetrician in St. George who has agreed to take over when it’s time to deliver and the doctor has it worked into the prenatal care plans that you’ll meet with her twice during your pregnancy; the first time around the 28 week point and a second time just before your due date. Both doctors have worked this out so none of their patients have to deliver with a stranger. They feel it’s much less stressful on the mother and baby if the mother is comfortable with both doctors and every phase of the pregnancy and birth. Dr. Nainani had to basically give up half of her agreed upon salary but her goal isn’t for the money, it’s for what she’s taken an oath to provide; the best patient care she can.

Dr. Nainani is more than committed to her profession, she said. “There are probably thousands of professions out there but there are very few that require you to take an oath. I chose to take that oath and I choose to abide by it every day of my life and with every single patient I see.  It really is all about providing my patients the best care, knowledge of their individual issues and overall knowledge of all women’s health issues that I am passionate about or I wouldn’t have taken that oath.”

Dr. Nainani is seeing new patients of all ages; she’s got some excellent ideas and a practical approach about women’s health issues and your health care for all the seasons of your life. She can be reached at Mesa View Medical Group, 702-346-0800 Ext. #5, her office is located at 1301 Bertha Howe Avenue Suite #1.