Today I got the Desert Valley Times edition of 1/27/17. I am always interested in what citizens of Mesquite have to say. Sadly, this edition had letters from someone in Denver, Colorado and Ontario, Canada. Exactly what does someone from Denver or Ontario have to do with Mesquite? Mike Sawyer from Denver says 6 million people, not nearly or approximately but exactly 6 million people will die from tobacco related illnesses. This is from a citizen of a State that has legalized marijuana; what a hypocrite. The other letter from Mr. Zafar in Ontario deems to know what is best for the President of the United States. Mr. Zafar has no business commenting on our country or, if he does, doesn’t need to be published in Mesquite’s “local” newspaper. Publish what Mesquite residents have to say. Who cares what out of state or other countries think. It’s time to be a local newspaper, dedicated to the residents of Mesquite.

Michael Stilley

Mesquite, NV