Even though they aren’t officially open, Mesquite Works is already generating a list of people who are in need of their help and services as they begin operations in their office in the next week or two.

Because of that, executives are now seeking volunteer instructors to assist in teaching classes on a weekly basis for two to three hours per class.

While there are a multitude of areas they are seeking assistance with, there are four basic classes they need to begin holding immediately: resume writing, attire for hire, job readiness and how to interview. All four classes will be provided with materials and guidelines for the instructors to teach. The exact schedule for the classes will be determined upon demand and may be quite flexible, held during the day as well as evenings as needed.

Mesquite Works is also seeking volunteers to man their phones and assist with office duties. The position is characterized as light secretarial duties and is set for four-hour increments two to three times per week.

Overall, Mesquite Works will assist the community in three very important areas: employers, job seekers and volunteers.

Through Mesquite Works, employers can post jobs available, participate in job fairs, review resumes, recruit employees, learn about the classes and training programs Mesquite Works offers, access other recruiting tools and information, help their employees upgrade their skills through skills development and receive ongoing support and assistance in improving the base of workers a business has.

For job seekers, they will be able to explore different career paths they may be interested in pursuing, learn about and locate training or educational programs, complete job searches, put together necessary work documents for a successful application, attend job fairs, receive assistance with cover letters and resumes, find jobs that are available and many other tools that will be developed as Mesquite Works grows.

Volunteers will perhaps have a unique chance to give back to their community in a very positive way. Being a volunteer will allow people to share their skills, learn more about the community, keep busy, pass on helpful knowledge and do something different from their daily routines.

Anyone interested in helping out with anything related to Mesquite Works is encouraged to contact them directly. Applications for both volunteers and instructors are available online at www.mesquiteworksnv.org. Anyone interested in more information may also email information@mesquiteworksnv.org or call 702-613-0699.