The state of the union speech last week was the most shameful display I have ever seen. The speaker of the house Nance Pelosi looked like a broken-down Stepford wife. Watching on television her contortions behind the President at his State of the Union Address were disgraceful. She needs to get her teeth fixed for sure and a hearing aid as she must not have heard the speech that was broadcast to the American people.

Her white dress only made her standout more and show how disrespectful she and her party were and are. She seemed to gaze into space a lot, smiled at the wrong times and was talking to herself. When heroes of our country were introduced, she was unable to rise or even clap for them. The same malaise affected her fellow Democrats, as they were unable to clap or rise for the heroes of our country. Maybe they were not the kind of heroes they want in the county as they would reshape it.

The party also displayed a distaste for accomplishments and particularly minority accomplishments such as more jobs for all, less food stamps and more families supporting themselves. A young girl getting a scholarship for school was obviously not on their list of things that minorities should be getting. That’s funny as they always said they supported black folks when it was election time.

It was a bizarre performance by the entire democratic collaborators. Not rising or clapping, some even left, that is what they have become hateful spiteful people. I still have a few Democratic friends and I certainly know they do not support that kind of behavior.

We all saw Pelosi for what she has become.  She used to have class and could lead her party to victory in some great battles but now she has become a hateful caricature of what she once was. That was before she even rose to her feet and dramatically ripped up her copy of the president’s speech which was disgraceful. That will surely go down in history as the most disrespectful conduct by a Speaker of the House ever.

How can people who say they are democrats, support that kind of behavior? You many not agree with Trumps policy’s, his methods or his direction but he is the president and as the leader of our country, he deserves decent behavior and respect in a very formal setting. You wonder how foreign officials and just people look at those kinds of actions by our elected officials.

So, it is a shame for our country, our government and the democrats in both the senate and the house of representatives. All in lower case because they have lost respect and have caused loss of respect by other people for our elected officials’ behavior. Is this what the Democrats have become?