People using cell phones while driving don’t mix. This has been an ongoing problem since the era of cell phones became a way of life, and though there are laws to prohibit texting while driving, there are those that continue to ignore it. People die and innocent victims of crashes get injured, while others become disabled. The list is long and sad, but most recently in December 2016, there was a fatality involving a five year old girl, whose parents have decided it was Apples’ responsibility for her death and alleged that the Facetime video app wasn’t safely designed; though the driver of the oncoming vehicle was clearly distracted with his cell phone, engaging in the Facetime video call, which was the reason ‘why’ this accident occurred. Most of us know right from wrong, and people who use their cell phones while driving are putting others at risk; it is called ‘Distracted Driving.’ No matter how you choose to look at this case, it is not the fault of the company. The one who is engaging… ‘In the act of’ (texting or video calling) while driving on the road, clearly has not kept their sight where it belongs (on the road while behind the wheel) and now puts everyone at risk.

Tragedies happen every day in this world, but those related to cell phones on our roads continue to increase. Every day I drive, I see people completely distracted by their phones and don’t pay attention to what’s going on around them. As a driver, you are responsible by constantly looking in front of you as well as behind, and on your sides. Maybe some should retake the drivers’ education course, along with the written rules to remember what your responsibility is while operating a moving vehicle. Clearly… this type of lawsuit (blaming Apple) seems preposterous to me, and maybe Drivers Ed should automatically require a ‘Defensive Driving Course.’ If drivers continue to ignore the laws, they should be punished, and I know there are many that would like to see stricter laws enforced regarding cell phone use on our roads. Regardless of this lawsuit, can you imagine someone suing Google or Map Quest because they were on their phone looking for an address (while using the navigational app)… and for a split second, as they looked back up… saw an oncoming vehicle, but their reaction time was delayed due to the phone in their hand (?) I could go on, but I won’t, as I’m sure you understand the point here. People everywhere use cell phones and apps, just like Poke ‘man Go while driving, not to mention… even their personal laptops. Have we… as a Society… lost all senses? I’m referring to ‘common sense.’ People need to take responsibility for their actions and stop finding blame where it doesn’t belong… My sincere condolences go out to the family that lost their 5 year olds life, but it was NOT the fault of a cell phone app; it was the one using it… instead of being a responsible human being and an alert driver; this is where the punishment belongs.

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