The Japanese formations in the Friendship Park have meanings. Photo by Bobbie Green

How excited I was driving into town to see the falls famous for the town name, Idaho Falls. Like many others, I am sure; I was greatly surprised to see the conspicuously long line of a short drop falls. I must say I was disappointed. Not what I expected.

The Yummy House Chinese Food restaurant is located in Historic downtown building. Photo by Bobbie Green

I later learned the falls are manmade not natural like I thought. They were uniquely created in 1911 to alter the current of the Snake River rushing through the middle of town. It is one of the few dams in the nation to do so. The Town’s name was then changed from Eagle Rock to Idaho Falls. Although not what I expected, the falls do generate a center piece for the town’s handsome six mile long green belt.

The little park just across the highway but still along the river bank is a rustic Japanese Garden. It is called the Friendship Garden and invites you to use it as a place of meditation and or retreat. I found it well worth the visit. Coming from a desert town I found this grand river and greenbelt, without the normal commercial “Riverwalk” artist booth’s, mime’s etc., in the middle of town, refreshing. There are hotel/motels locations with beautiful river views.

If you are parked by the river it is just a short walk to the historic downtown. There are plenty of restaurants, shopping, and historic architecture to enjoy.

The artful benches are eye candy as well as a place to rest. Photo by Bobbie Green

We enjoyed a great Chinese meal at Yummy House on Broadway Street in historic downtown. It is located in an older building, not upscale but good authentic food.

Many vacationers use Idaho Falls with its many hotels and restaurants as a central base for visiting the many near-by attractions like Yellowstone Bear World, where visitors drive their car though the free roaming wildlife, viewing Grizzly and Black bears, Bison and Gray wolves.

Visitors enjoy visiting the green belt and the falls. Photo by Bobbie Green

Recuperate at Heise Therapeutic Hot Springs, when you are rejuvenated from soaking in the natural hot pools, during the warm months only, you can go zip lining with 10 different lines to choose from. Check it out at


The falls create a center piece for the six-mile green belt along the Snake River. Photo by Bobbie Green

The falls create a center piece for the six-mile green belt along the Snake River. Photo by Bobbie Green

The unique Potato Museum is sure to draw your interest, everything you wanted to know or not know about potatoes you will find here.

We relished our stay at the lovely Choice Hotels Sleep Inn. Pleasant staff and great rooms come with not only breakfast, but also a lite dinner each evening. How convenient is this, after a long day of driving or touring.