The Odd Couple, directed by Glen Bjornson brings two newcomers to the Mesquite stage and one semi-newcomer to the Virgin Valley Theatre Group. Newcomers Nanette Greener and Kimberly Gilbert will take on the two small roles of the Pigeon Sisters while semi-newcomer John Sadler will take the lead role as Oscar Madison. Sadler is familiar with the stage having worked many times as a behind the scenes crew member, he’s even taken on a few character roles for various productions of the Mesquite Toes and Larry LeMieux’s Christmas programs but he’s never acted on the Mesquite stage before nor has he had to memorize such a large amount of dialogue. It’s a stretch to put new talent in a lead role but Bjornson has every confidence that Sadler has what it takes to play the part. Bjornson has directed several productions for the Mesquite audience and he hasn’t let the them down yet.

The play takes place in a New York City apartment belonging to the very messy sports writer Oscar Madison (Sadler). In comes the compulsive, neat freak, Felix Unger (Chad Calmelat), during one of Oscar’s poker games with his buddies Murray (Mike Schultz), Speed (Mark Guertin), Vinnie (Gary Williams) and Roy (Ted Ung). When Felix starts talking about his wife throwing him out of the house, wanting to divorce him and committing suicide, the craziness that takes over the poker game is just hysterical.

Despite the mismatched personalities of these two friends they decide to become roommates and Oscar attempts to help his friend ‘get over’ the divorce and move on.

Oscar tries to set the roommates up on a double date with a couple of chippies, Cecily (Greener) and Gwendolyn (Gilbert) ‘Coo-Coo’ Pigeon, the upstairs neighbors in Oscar’s building. The evening is ruined when Felix, talking about his wife and children, reduces the two ladies to tears. Oscar is pushed to the brink and stalks around the apartment making as big a mess as possible.

There is a laugh in every line of this wonderfully entertaining play that contains some of the best dialogue ever written.

Rehearsals begin on Monday, Dec. 19 and will last for five and a half weeks before the production opens Jan. 27, 2017. For more information on the VVTG’s upcoming shows visit their web site at


Authors Note: At the time of publication Jeff Dorsten was originally cast in the part of Murray but with current health issues had to give up the part. Mike Schultz has been cast to replace Dorsten.