The last candidate campaign contribution and expense reports before the Nov. 8 election were filed last Friday by 12 candidates running in local elections – mayor, council, water district and power district. Four of them reported no contributions or expenses between Oct. 15 and Nov. 3 including Arthur Pereida (mayor), George Rapson (council), David West (council), and Judy Metz (power district).

Sandra Ramaker, running for the Virgin Valley Water District Board of Directors, received the most contributions at a combined total of $11,566 between Jan. 1 and Nov. 3. She reported the most expenses of all 12 local candidates at $12,506. For the latest report between Oct. 15 and Nov. 3 she received $2,924 from in-kind contributions with $540 spent by Ernie Hoffman at a meet and greet, $1,044 contributed by Wolf Creek golf course and another $1,044 contributed by Conestoga golf course both of which were spent on advertising. Ramaker showed $1,105 in expenses of $100 or less this reporting period which are not required to be listed separately. No individual expense was listed for a mass mailer sent for her campaign through U.S. Post Office to all Mesquite voters.

The second largest contribution amount was listed by David Ballweg who is running for city council. His report showed that he took in $1,806 in contributions for the most recent reporting period, all from himself and listed the same amount in expenses, mostly on advertising. For the period Jan. 1 to Nov. 3, Ballweg listed total of $8,501 in both contributions and expenses.

Incumbent Mesquite Mayor Al Litman received $180 in kind contributions for a meet and greet hosted by Ernie Hoffman in the most recent reporting period. He listed $235 in expenses for a mailer through the U.S. Post Office as his only expense. In all, Litman received $5,030 in contributions and spent $2,545 during the campaign period Jan. 1 to Nov. 3.

Current Councilwoman Cindi Delaney showed $280 in contributions with $180 in a meet and greet hosted by Hoffman at the Rising Star on the latest report.  She listed $1,040 in expenses with $940 of that with the Post Office. Delaney received a grand total of $3,949 and spent $3,718 between Jan. 1 and Nov. 3.

Travis Anderson who is opposing Ramaker for a seat on the VVWD Board, contributed $454 to himself and reported $980 in contributions of $100 or less which don’t have to be itemized by donor name on the latest report. Of the $1,572 in expenses Anderson reported this period, he spent $1,298 on a meet and greet at Conestoga Golf course. For the entire campaign Anderson received $1,912 and spent that same amount.

Mike Benham, running for city council, reported no contributions this period even though there is a difference between the previous report and this one of $180. Benham reported $586 in expenses for this period, listing himself as taking the biggest expense of $428.

Brian Wursten, who’s running for city council, reported $450 in contributions from himself on the latest campaign report with all of it spent on advertising.

Dave Bennett, candidate opposing Metz for the power district board of trustees, reported no contributions this period. His report lists $300 in expenses all for advertising.


FINAL Local Mesquite 2016 general election campaign reports
Allan Litman (Mayor)$5,030$2,545
Arthur Pereida (Mayor)00.00$165
David Ballweg (Council)$8,501$8,501
Mike Benham (Council)$1,305$1,269
Cindi Delaney (Council)$3,949$3,718
George Rapson (Council)$3,002$2,102
David West (Council)$950$929
Brian Wursten (Council)$1,043$1,043
Travis Anderson (Water)$1,912$1,912
Sandra Ramaker (Water)$11,566$12,506
David Bennett (Power)$550$916
Judy Metz (Power)00.00$1,553