It’s been a tough year for the American people, with violence creeping up throughout its’ states and politicians arguing amongst themselves, we are all bracing as to who will be our next elected president; as neither are the right candidates for this world. Election Day is Tuesday, November 8th, and millions will be glued to their television, no matter how late it might be…awaiting the next chapter of ‘what will be’. I’ve heard from the mouths of many, that they could care less, as this election goes down as one of the worst in history…and as for me, I no longer can stand to watch or listen to Campaign ads, political news or ‘others’ views for that matter; I’m exhausted listening to all of the slandering remarks from those in the public eye, and beyond. Let’s face it, not only is it exhausting, it’s degrading of the American people, and I’m not just referring to our presidential candidates, but most of the constituents in many of the states; mud throwing has increased over the years and it’s not teaching the next generation anything worthwhile.

I often wonder about these last eight years in America, while asking myself, “What happened with the American dream and how did everyone become so angry?” Most of us will never know, but we do know that the Ideals of America, along with Morales and freedom of religion have been taken away. Flags have been disgraced, A Pledge of Allegiance is no longer in Schools, ‘In God We Trust’ has been taken off of the American money and the divorce rate booms, as infidelity ranks high among married couples…and now… I’m sad. This country has so many problems’; I’m wondering how America will recover. I’m not sure anyone has the answer, and what’s worse…I don’t believe either of the electoral presidency candidates know. We, the people, need to come together and make change happen…beginning with, how we treat each other as human beings and react to others. We need to respect our elders and bring communities together again, and I will once more leave you with three words to abide by, just for starters; Faith, Hope and Love. God Bless You America.

Make your week count.