“It’s going to stay right where it is,” Mesquite Police Chief Troy Tanner said about the speed limit currently set on Falcon Ridge Parkway. The issue came up at the monthly City Manager Forum on Oct. 27 when Andy Barton met with local residents at the Sun City Recreation Center.

Chief Tanner revealed that it’s not always outsiders who are guilty of speeding on the four lane road some have dubbed Falcon Ridge Speedway.

“We get a few complaints and do our thing up there for four to five hours at a time,” he said. “Within those time frames, 90 percent of the people we pull over for speeding are residents of Sun City. In our last patrol there were only two who were not residents.”

Tanner also noted that when the speed enforcement events happen, MPD gets blamed for harassing the residents. “There are those who complain about the speeders and then there are those who complain about us trying to enforce the speed limit.”

The other repeating conversation piece often found around Mesquite regarded the abandoned buildings in the downtown area, mainly, the old El Mesquite Café on the corner of East Mesquite Boulevard and North Sandhill Boulevard. “We can’t force property owners to do something with their property that is not violating city codes,” said City Liaison Officer Aaron Baker. “We have redevelopment funds available but the properties aren’t using them.”

An update was also given on the new library slated for the vacant property on the corner of West Mesquite Boulevard and Desert Road. According to city officials, they will be closing on the property before the end of the year with construction set to begin in January.