As summer slips away and the fall and winter months approach, the weather in Mesquite becomes very enjoyable.  With the onset of cooler temps we see the use of Off Highway Vehicles (OHV) and Golf Carts inside the City of Mesquite increase and become much more popular.  The Mesquite Police Department would like to assist OHV and Golf Cart operators in becoming familiar with the laws for the State of Nevada and the City of  Mesquite Municipal Code.

Recent changes in the Mesquite Municipal Code are the result of the Police Department’s continued efforts to ensure access to the City of Mesquite’s many resources and develop safe means of travel.  We enjoy excellent golfing opportunities and access to off road trails around the city. The Police Department has worked extensively to meet the needs of the community to enhance the recreational opportunities available to our citizens and visitors.

The new changes allow for valid licensed drivers to operate a golf cart or OHV from a residence to an open area for OHV use or a golf course.  We would like to emphasize the use of OHV and Golf Carts is not intended for general transportation.  Operators should not use OHV or Golf Carts for the purpose of shopping, running errands or general travel inside the city.  Golf Carts that are registered through the DMV as a Low Speed Vehicle with valid license plates are not subject to this restriction.   Drivers should operate the vehicles in the roadway and not on sidewalks or walking trails and obey all traffic laws.

OHV are required to be registered through the State of Nevada or another state where the owner is a resident.  The registration process for OHVs in Nevada is an online service only and not available through the DMV office.

The Mesquite Police Department has also worked to allow access to a section of Pioneer Boulevard that was previously restricted.  Pioneer Boulevard from Falcon Ridge Parkway to Oasis Boulevard is now accessible to OHV and Golf Carts.  This is a busy road and we would ask the operators use good judgment in traveling in this area and other roads in the city to prevent backing up traffic and causing confusion; the safety of all drivers is our main concern.

Chief Tanner has proposed Bill 506 as Ordinance 506, which will revise Mesquite Municipal Code TITLE 6: ENFORCEMENT; Chapter 6, Electric Low Speed Vehicles, and Chapter 7, Off Highway Vehicle Use Operation, and creates Chapter 8, Golf Cart Use and Operation, in order to allow OHVs and golf carts to share the roadway. Consideration of Adoption of Bill 506 as Ordinance 506 will be presented to the City Council on Tuesday, October 25, 2016 at 5:00 PM, during the Regular City Council Meeting.

Flyers are available with the general laws and regulations in the lobby of the Police Department and online at the City of Mesquite’s website.  Our goal is to educate operators and a help to ensure safety and compliance with the laws for OHV and Golf Cart use.


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