I am writing to share the disappointing news that the much-anticipated Hole-In-One Pet Products store will not be opening this year as planned.

It has been a heart-breaking decision to make, and very personal.  We were so close to opening, and it was an unexpected turn of events at a critical time that led to this decision.  I apologize to the community, my staff, and everyone who worked alongside me these past nine months.

Those who know me know that I came to Mesquite to care for my parents, and it’s been a difficult journey.  Sadly, the situation has escalated to the point that I am unable to open the store at this time, and need to turn my full attention in another direction for the foreseeable future.

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank everyone in Mesquite…. Not only for their enthusiastic support and encouragement surrounding the pet facility, but also for the genuine concern and assistance I’ve received from friends and strangers alike concerning the situation with my parents.

I wish to go on record to dispute hearsay that Mesquite is a difficult town in which to start-up a business.  I’ve had unwavering assistance and support from the City, Chamber, Regional Business Development, other businesses (with a shout out to the Rising Star), and generous spirited individuals in town.  Thank you to everyone!

To quote the lovely Gloria George recently, “If you can’t find a whole bunch of people you like in Mesquite, you’re missing out on something in life.”  I whole-heartedly concur.  We live in a unique and phenomenal town.

In closing, the good news is that I have a significant amount of stock that I need to sell before Christmas.  The majority of stock was returned to suppliers, but I do have lots of Pet Doors and a few iFetch left.  We have doors for patio doors, wood doors, walls, sheds and glass – in all shapes and sizes.  Please refer to our website at www.holeinonepetproducts.com for more information, or call me directly on (702) 816 0083.  Pricing for the doors will be at cost, so there are some tremendous deals to be had.


Thank you again, Mesquite!


Dianne Reid