Dear Editor

The government is dominated by two political parties. The problems of today will not be diminished by sending more of them to Washington. Let’s hire a 3rd party team, Libertarians Gary Johnson and Bill Weld, to solve problems using Liberty principles. Every four years individuals running for president promise to bring change. But what do we get? More of the same! Consider the evidence:

Our last time of peace and prosperity was the late 1950’s. Since then national debt went from $286 Billion in 1960, to over $19 Trillion. For 60+ years we’ve been continuously at war, even on this very day we’re bombing other countries. The economy is down the drain yet we keep sending the same corrupt two-party monopoly back to DC.

Smart people know that you don’t solve problems by applying more of the same things that caused the problems in the first place. The only way to free ourselves from the stranglehold of the monopoly is to bring in a new perspective. Governors Johnson and Weld are competent, decent and honest statesmen. Please consider giving them a chance to tackle the problems of the nation. If we don’t like their work, we can always replace them in four years with a Republican or Democrat.

Jane Kennedy