by Savannah Price MLN Intern

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Times have changed at Virgin Valley, and it’s not just because there’s a new TARDIS around. A new play has rolled around at the Virgin Valley Theater of Technical Arts at the high school, and this time it’s a variation of Alice in Wonderland and Doctor Who. So, if you happen to be a Whovian, or a Wonderland fanatic, this play is for you.

It has characters from the iconic Wonderland story and the age-old BBC television show Doctor Who. The Doctor is played by newcomer Noah Hilker, and the beautiful and very British Cara, is played by Hailey Thomas. The Mad Hatter, an iconic character from Alice in Wonderland, is played by Hunter Moore, and characters like the March Hare and the Dormouse, are played by Melissa Rowley and Sarah Rappleye. The famous, awesome, beautiful Red Queen, is played by the gorgeous and talented Emerald Hall. It is sure to be a funny and fantastic show.

Director Kelly Zarndt said, “The script is a wonderful combination of the two stories, and the cast is really starting to fill the shoes of the characters.” As funny and as outgoing as this play is, it also has great morals and a terrific storyline. While you learn that it’s good to stay away from strangers and mad hatters, you also learn that loyalty and friendship are the true values that everyone should care about.

Hilker says, “It’s an interesting story with a new twist on the franchise. The play is funny, has great acting, and was well planned.”

Set for Nov. 3, 4, and 5, with curtain call at 5:30 p.m. the cast and crew have prepared heavily and have been extremely focused on being ready for the big night. Thomas said, “The play should be funny and since it’s a combination of my two favorite stories, I am super excited to play such a vital character. Anyone who has seen either show will appreciate the crossover.” She goes on to say that everyone who wants a laugh and have a good time will enjoy how much work everyone has put into it.

“I am so thankful to be in this show and getting to be with these awesome nerds every day. I couldn’t have asked for a better cast. I LOVE THESE GUYS!” says a very excited Hall, playing the Red Queen. The show starts with the crash landing of the TARDIS on Wonderland. As the Doctor and Cara try to fix their ship, Cara gets whisked away by the White Rabbit, and the Doctor, a sharp witted and intelligent man, needs Cara to help him fix their ship. She gets caught up in the cruelty of the Red Queen, and while he goes on a wonderful search for her, gets dragged into the fight as well.

Using his wit and fast mouth, he unsuccessfully tries to talk his way out of the sticky situation. This only seems to make matters worse as the Red Queen declares them all traitors and sets the execution for the following day. In a mad stroke of luck, they escape the Queen’s Palace and get the ship running, leaving Wonderland wiser and closer than before. Alyson and Rachel Cook, twin sisters and the corresponding parts of tweedeldee and tweedeledum say, “The Doctor in Wonderland is a whimsical tale of two awesome worlds colliding with lots of humor.” Alyson Cook says that she mostly enjoys getting to come and express herself creatively on stage in a way that makes everyone laugh. Rachel Cook says that she loves being able to come to a place where she is accepted for who she is, and where people have fun and appreciate her and her part.

Everyone who comes to the show will be amazed and have a fantastic time, and they will enjoy how much work the cast and crew have put into all of it. “Though it isn’t perfect, it is something that everyone involved in has worked hard to accomplish. It only seems fair that everyone gets a chance to come and be thrilled, especially since the kids have practiced so much. “Everyone deserves their fair chance at being happy and this play will do that for you,” said reporter and cast member Savannah Price.