Lisa2014_1 Memories are something shared, a remembrance from the past; I like to think of special family events such as picnics, vacations, birthdays or weddings, we find ourselves with cameras in hand… trying to get those perfect, or sometimes unforgettable moments. The pictures one day will then remind us that life is so very precious, and we must make time for those we care about and love.

As a young child growing up we always visited our grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles… however, it begins to change as our elders get older and the years pass by. I can honestly say that I recall many family get-togethers, along with actual reunions, but the family is getting smaller; as it is natural being we do not live on forever. So many memories are stored in my mind, and then it begins … photo hunting, reminiscing over the past, and sharing laughter amongst ourselves; this is what makes life so good. Sharing love for our families, as well as friends, is all about making memories.

Creating memories shouldn’t be difficult; in fact many families put together scrapbooks of compiled photos, including trinkets or papers which may have had a significant logo on them… which is being used as a souvenir from a place visited, including a restaurant, and or event… anything goes. I use to save concert tickets and different types of memorabilia when I was younger; it’s amazing what people like to save, if only we didn’t just stuff everything in a box. Mentioning boxes… I would like to add here that you can purchase some really neat organizational types of photo boxes at a place called “The Container Store.” If there isn’t one of these stores near you, check it out online ; definitely one of my favorite stores, as the quality is great. I suggested this particular place because the products you would use will keep your memorabilia from getting damp or damaged; you shouldn’t use cardboard to store photos.

Families celebrate many holidays sticking with “their tradition” meaning they continue to celebrate in the same fashion they do every year, right down to the time dinner will be served, gifts opening, basket hunting … you name it. We are creatures of habit, of course many of us in a variety of ways, depending on the type of celebration… we all have our “own” ways and ideas of how things should be done, so therefore we are all unique… indeed. But the chance to make lasting memories, are not just around the holidays… they can be made any day, anywhere at any time with those we share our life with; including those we don’t live with, just by sharing time with one another. So as the summer comes to a wrap and we approach yet another holiday, go and make some memories… or shall I say “catch” some memories, either way… our minds are somewhat photogenic, so when we see something hilarious we like to share them through pictures or simply by telling the story. It’s all in the mind … a memory that is. Have a safe holiday weekend and embrace the chance to make some new memories.

Make your week count.