Letter to the Editor

Conservatives do not want Trump Dumpers

I cannot stay silent any longer. This may come as a shock to some of my friends and especially to the Republican Party to which I have been a lifelong voting member. I am a conservative, white, partially college educated business women, wife and mother who whole heartedly supports Trump.

Surprise Paul Ryan, John McConnell, Karl Rove and all you other two-faced Trump dumpers. This is the first Presidential Election in many years I have not had to hold my nose to vote Republican as so many other Americans did also, yet you will not do the same for us. You have shown where your priorities lay–in yourselves, your way of life. You have killed the Republican Party all by your selves before Trump came on the scene. You prompted him to step up because we needed a leader so badly. You have spent the last eight years doing nothing but kowtowing to a President who is openly tearing our Constitution apart. The few people among you who have tried to stop this like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz you openly dislike also. I was going to change my affiliation from Republican to Independent until Trump came on the Scene as a Republican. Brash and coarse as he is, he is more American like in his thinking than most of you so called Republican Representatives and Senators have shown in the last 20 years. How could you even think of allowing Clinton to become president and appoint Justices to the Supreme Court, more proof of your absentee loyalty to our Country?

I cannot see the importance of having a Republican Congress if it is filled with the same do nothing people, their actions show they are more like liberals than conservatives I hope other voters out there feel the same way and look to choosing a first time republican runner or American Independent or Libertarian, or a Tea Party Representative for Congress, giving Trump someone to work with. In the worst case scenario, we need new faces who will actually try to help curb Hillary’s Social Tyranny. Our current representatives have proven they will not do it. Like Paul Ryan says you do not have to feel loyal to the Republican Party nominee, so why should we feel loyalty to them, by voting them back in office. Just a reminder Winston Churchill was coarse, brash and great leader in a time of need.

Bobbie Green

Mesquite, NV