Letter to Editor

I believe it is the responsibility of our council to protect the residents of Mesquite. Public health and safety should be the top concerns of our elected leaders.

I look for leaders whose views align with the welfare of our community. As someone who has experience with leadership, I know that the job can be tough and challenging at times. There are circumstances that will arise where a person knows the best way forward, the way that will benefit all people, but due to the climate of what has always been acceptable, taking a stand to be a change maker can be hard.

I am writing to ask that the people we have elected as leaders will stand up for what is right. Our leaders represent all of us, and they represent the future of Mesquite and what it could be. The health of all residents should be a top priority and the way forward is to say yes to clean indoor air.


Margo Deshler

Mesquite NV