Now that the summer total net tournament is done the MMGA squad heads to golf courses out of Mesquite as the local courses prepare for over seeding. The last in town play was Thursday, Sept. 1 at Falcon Ridge.

Rick Scholl continued his fine play recording a 37-39-76. But it was three shots short of Mr. Yeh who waltzed around the yard scoring 12 fours including nine in a row from holes 6 thru 14 for his medalist score of 73.

Hal Rundle, Don Mannon and Bubba Petrick had good front side scores of 37, 38 and 38. First low net went to Scholl after he broke a three-way tie for first at net 69 with Rundle and Manny Lira (90). Lira would get second and Rundle third. Fourth low net went to Dick Swayne (84) and net 70 and fifth to Don Mannon (84) and net 72.

Ben Bishop had the shot of the day on the par four third hole. His second shot never got more than 2 inches off the ground but rolled in the cup from 115yards out for a fantastic “eagle.”

The next scheduled play is Thursday Sept. 8 at 9 a.m. at The Ledges. Always check your signup sheets for any corrected times or places. Anyone interested in joining the MMGA can call 702-346-5636. Also check out our website at www.mesquitemensgolf .com.