The Friday tourney is holding up very well in all the heat and the scores are getting better by the week. Low gross was shared by Terry Spriggs (aka Kemo) with Dave Calmelat. Dave didn’t have a comment but Terry says his round 76 could have been a real winner except for five penalty shots. That’ s pretty awesome Shooting for any player at Terry’s age. Low net was shared be Mike Moreau and Alex Churchich; Mike and Alex Are in the mix every week even though they play from different sides of the ball. When the weather cools off I’m thinking the scores will be even lower so hang on to your “A’ game. Three KP’s were awarded this week, two to Terry Spriggs holes #2 & #5 then one to Jim Buttler hole #8.  Seven scores held up for SKINS, three by none other than big Terry Spriggs  holes #1–#5–#7,  Jim Buttler  #8, Alex Churchich #10, Ron Nickle #14, and John Johnson taking the last #17; unusual event on a hard hole.  The 1st time  I’m aware of that a foursome all parred #17 and Madelon Bates made the last putt.

We’ll have one last round for the club before we close 3 weeks for over seeding.  We will play Friday, Sep. 9 6:20 a.m.  We also have the “OVERSEED PARTY” scheduled at noon on Saturday Sep. 10. Come out and join this group for fun, competition and camaraderie.