The Falcon Ridge golf club news is getting repetitious. We have some players that are on top of their games so the hot weather doesn’t seem to affect them. Terry Spriggs (aka-Kemo) shot a 78 to take low gross honors but that doesn’t tell the whole story. He says he couldn’t make a putt so we can only wonder how low his score could have been. Alex Churchich took 2nd place low gross with an 81which is around par for him these days. The low net winners were Jim Buttler and Lee Sweat. There were two KP winners this week, Stewart Jones on #8 and Terry Spriggs on the long par 3 #17. Hard to believe we had another week with eight Skin winners due to all the low scores being turned in. Terry Spriggs (holes #1 & #11); Jim Buttler (#2); Mike Moreau (#3); Lee Sweat (#4); Ron Vedd (#8); Alex Churchich (#10); and Clark Mitchell (#16). Any players that like a little competition with lots of fun and camaraderie should join in these tourneys. To do that, call Mindee West at 701-346-6363.