The market for new home construction in Mesquite appears to remain quite healthy based on the number of new single family residence permits issued by the city in March when builders took out 28 permits. The total valuation of those permits came in at $6.407 million. That compares to 21 permits issued in March 2016 with a value of $5.244 million.

Nevada Residential Construction (NRC) and Pulte Homes of Nevada each took out 10 permits last month. NRC builds homes primarily in the northern Canyon Crest area and Pulte builds all new homes in Sun City Mesquite.

Jackson Contracting and Warmington Residential Nevada Inc. took out two permits each for new homes. LHSC, Construction West, AMB Construction, and Maves Construction were issued one permit each.

The highest valued permit was for $431,964 while the lowest value was $142,896.

Residential modification permits took a downturn in a year-to-year comparison coming in at 10 permits this March valued at $70,764. That compares to March 2016 when 14 permits were issued valued at $134,152.

One new commercial building permit was taken out by Trade West Construction for construction on West Hafen Lane near the Hafen Lane park. Three commercial modifications permits were issued. No permits in this category were issued in March 2016. Four new business permits were taken out last month compared to three taken out last March.

Permits for accessory buildings jumped from one last year to five this year. Block wall permits also increased from 15 last year to 20 this year. Two permits for swimming pools were issued last month.

The city issued one demolition permit for destruction of the old water well located on Oasis Boulevard. The Virgin Valley Water District has drilled a new well and is working on plans for a new well house and other architectural improvements to the well site located next the Bank of Nevada on Pioneer Boulevard.

Overall, the city issued 130 building permits in March valued at $7.083 million. In March 2016 the city issued 122 permits valued at $5.718 million.

Through the first quarter of the calendar year the city has issued 353 permits with a total valuation of $21.570 million compared to 303 permits valued at $13.741 million for the first quarter of 2016.