Elk member Janet McDonald (right) delivers a soccer ball to Ms. Salud Martinez office manager for Beaver Dam Elementary.

The Mesquite Elks Lodge delivered classroom and playground equipment on November 28 to local Beaver Dam Elementary School fulfilling part of a promise the Lodge made to school officials and teachers. PER Rick McDonald informed the Lodge’s PER Association that due to the remoteness and cost restrictions for the school, they were lacking in basic necessities in their class rooms and playground. The Association unanimously voted to help the school by starting a program to help the school and their students. The PER Association committed $200 to get the ball rolling, and then followed up with the Lodge for additional financial help. Members Rick and Janet McDonald delivered the first equipment which included soccer balls, sidewalk chalk, games and small whiteboards with markers. The Lodge informed the school principal and teachers that each classroom will receive American Flags as soon as received at the Lodge. The PER’s have committed to make this an ongoing program for the Lodge.