Televisions have evolved over the years, bringing high definition to the ultimate viewing experience, including 3-D, Smart TV’s and DVR services. So what about video streaming? According to the latest Nielsen’s report, streaming video services are actually in 50% of households today, while DVR services remain unchanged the last year or so. Video consumption among the younger generation is suggested through reports as the trend continues. Television viewing… as we know it… will keep evolving, though on-demand viewing grows, making it easier to forgo the commercials while shortening the viewing time. Nielsen ratings tell us that the traditional television continues to be the most popular to this day.

There are several TV-connected devices which provide a different type of streaming, whether it’s through Netflix or another service, however, we should take into consideration viewing on PC’s, tablets and smartphones (being the least among video streamers). With so many multimedia devices, including game consoles and DVDs, It’s difficult to know the exact data as to the extent of video streaming via multimedia devices. Live TV viewing has been on a decline since there’s been a spike in technology, and I believe it all makes sense. My worries come in as to ‘what’ kind of programming is being viewed most by the younger generation, especially in view of their growing minds and how vulnerable they are. This too has become a trend that has many worried about the future of our world.

Television shows have changed with every decade, and some being negative. Granted, there are new programs that get some people excited, like… the Penn & Teller show, The Voice, Shark tank and Americas Got Talent. These shows offer people a chance to be noticed by a talent scout with possibilities that it may change their world, but it can also devastate those who believe they have real talent and get denied their chance; it’s clearly a roller coaster of emotions for most. There are current shows such as Criminal Minds, Deadly Sins, and CSI… an array of TV Drama series with unspeakable crimes… of which ‘I’ personally cannot watch. A few of these have intricate details that puzzle my mind, while thinking about our future generation…and for those that may have real psychosis problems, doesn’t this engage them in ‘wrong’ thinking? “Am I making too much of this?” We have an abundance of problems in the world already, and while I believe some of today’s television (and, or, movies) take it a bit too far. We also have a lot of sexual exploitation on television, not to mention a language problem. Whatever happened to the sexy scenes where you leave most of the nudity to the ‘imagination’ and still enjoyed it (?). I guess I’m feeling a bit nostalgic these days. I enjoyed older movies, like… Men Prefer Blondes (Marylin Monroe), Rear Window (Jimmy Stewart), and newer than those are… Hook (Robin Williams), Terms of Endearment (Shirley MacLaine), and climbing the list with movies like The Titans, Forrest Gump, The Martian and many more. Recently, NBC aired a new comedy hour, The ‘Maya and Marty Show.’ This was a comedy hour that I enjoyed, but not everyone agreed. Remembering shows like Family Ties, Who’s the Boss and Growing Pains brings smiles and laughter; humorous and edgier shows were; Married with Children, The Office and Two and a Half Men (with Charlie Sheen, of course). Television continues to push the envelope I guess; it’s all about the ratings and what most are viewing today. Obviously sex, crime and raw material on tv is rating at the top, but I’ll continue to watch the older shows…it’s my preference to stick to a bit cleaner viewing. “What does this all mean?” Well, the older generation may eventually resort to streaming, because ‘live’ television doesn’t offer as much today, it’s just not like…‘The good ole’ days!’

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