Hillary Clinton excuses her use of a private e-mail and a home-based server to conduct State Department business as a matter of “convenience.”  But is State Department communication something you store at home or could there be other reasons?  Maybe that is the right place to store sensitive communication or maybe not.

Let’s think about it. If you put all your messages on the State Department system anyone can see the message so it is not really secret, by filing a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, someone can get the message unless it is a national secret and that’s the way the Government is supposed to work. But maybe it’s safer to keep those things at home. However, it seems that the government system would be more secure but maybe she has some super-secret computer protection system at home. (Good news if she doesn’t win the presidency she can sell that secret protection system, I know I’d be interested)

For her “convenience”, she risks security breach of her home computer but, she does avoid prying eyes and later you can eliminate any spelling errors, little mistakes and even big mistakes. But aren’t all state department employees supposed to follow the rules or maybe she is above those rules, after all they are for the little people not the top dog.

There is a little more background to this; in 2011 Hillary Clinton’s office sent a cable ordering all State Department employees not to use personal e-mail for government business, due to security concerns. But again this was from the top dog to the underlings and we know her home computer was secure.

O.K. but how do all the employees of the State Department know how to contact her? Let’s just say one of our State Department offices was threaten or maybe even attacked, how do the little people let the boss know they need help? Or maybe some funny stuff is going on by a local boss, the little people can’t alert the top dog. But maybe you don’t want underlings contacting you, they must go through channels and be directed to someone who might care. Best way to do that is to only let your friends know your secret address and you will not be bothered.

So Hillary and a few close advisors use this special system that nobody knows about. When it comes time to turn over all your correspondence you can go through it with that most valuable tool “Hindsight”. This way you can limit any little errors in judgment as irrelevant, as they would be, after the facts are known and the situation has played out. Why cloud things up with all the facts when we can just give them the right ones? We can just ride the waves of “I know what I’m doing and I don’t make mistakes, just look at my e-mail”. A great example is Benghazi nothing that makes her look bad is left and in fact she didn’t send any e-mail about that at all.

This has great potential because all the people in the elite class could serve their time in office and then afterward sort through e-mails and delete what they think didn’t support their legacy. All the politicians who supported the Vietnam War could remove those support letters and documents so they would be on the right side all along. We’re on the right track now, getting rid of all those pesky wrong opinions so that everything is clear.

I think I now know why people say Hillary is the smartest person in the room, no left over junk e-mail, no spam or facts that didn’t support her final position; of course this was after the “Hindsight” tool. This is really a mater of “convenience” when you’re running for high office; it’s a wind fall because everyone will know you were always right and never on the wrong side. Brilliant just Brilliant.