America the beautiful… remember the ‘days’ when people from everywhere were on a quest for the American dream? They came from other countries so they could find good jobs, raise families, learn English while wanting a better education, all living the American dream; everyone wanted to be a part of something bigger… generations of people, all wanting to better their lives, while showing respect for employers, co-workers, people of different backgrounds, race or color…it’s how we were raised. We respected the law, attended church on Sundays and sat together as a family most nights for dinner; that was life… then, not now. We all heard about miracles once in a while; something which seems far and few in todays’ world. While crime continues to rampage across this country, we must try to pull together as a nation and believe that things will improve with time, as we could all stand to see a few new miracles in America today.

America has had miracles in the past, such as freedom and the formation of the United States Constitution. There has been a lot of great history made here, by pivotal moments and the turning of events for centuries, so if you find yourself asking “what miracles?” then search for stories that’ve been written, such as “Seven Miracles that Saved America” by Chris Stewart and Ted Stewart. Some believe that it has been through divine intervention in the past that helped save America, but others might argue the point, giving the credit to man. It is when something remarkable happens, without logical explanations of any kind, which is then described as a miracle. Miracles such as medical; when a person receives bleak news about a condition and suddenly heals without explanations, theories or medications… this is a miracle; sometimes you might see a car that was completely crushed with the windows blown out, yet the person got out with barely a scratch…it’s almost inconceivable. What about a horse running the Kentucky Derby race, as it expects to draw near last place, making it a long shot (with not a lot of experience), yet it wins. There are personal stories to support the evidence of real miracles in different places everywhere.

What we need now is another miracle in America, to stop the violence, racism, and terrorists from harming so many unsuspecting people, our policeman from being targeted by angry beings and other violent crimes that put perfectly innocent humans in harm’s way. It’s tearing so many families apart, not to mention dividing one another with race, religions and beliefs… it needs to stop. My heart weighs heavy these days, and yet I find myself daunting over these crimes; this is why we must all believe that miracles can happen, and continue to search for those (miracles) through these troubled times in America. Miracles have been proven in the past, and I choose to believe if more of us would put aside our differences, in order to make a difference in the world, no matter how small… things could possibly get better; “who doesn’t want that?” We need to show compassion towards others and empathize with those that have been affected by violent crimes or the loss of loved ones. We need to be mindful of others every day, and embrace this country, along with our freedom, that our forefathers fought for. I think America is ready for some new miracles, and we need to put our faith and hope back into our daily living…proving that we can overcome the bad things that are happening today, by replacing them with the good things that are to come. It’s the ability to believe in ourselves and one another that will keep America strong. Live in gratitude…love your neighbors as yourselves, and watch what happens; it just might be a … MIRACLE.

Make your week count.