Everyone loves spring, so we gladly rid ourselves of winter… as the frozen earth begins to thaw, the buds begin to surface through its cracks, bringing new life and stirring hope within us…it’s a breath of fresh air for all. It’s often a time for us to reassess our life and prepare for changes, whether it’s cleaning our homes or letting go of the past, we embrace this time while clearing our minds and taking notice for what’s most important to us.

Spring is the time for new beginnings, as seeds begin to sprout, flowers bloom and the sun becomes warmer as the days grow longer; what’s not to like? It’s almost like a rush of new energy through our bodies, giving us a renewed spirit to pave the way. As things become greener, people become happier. Longer days… bringing more sun also helps rejuvenate our bodies, producing more D-vitamins as well as B’s and those feel good hormones. Taking outdoor walks this time of year is very beneficial, not just physically but emotionally. Walking helps our oxygen intake and produces more creativity while clearing out the cobwebs so-to-speak. Also, make sure you stop along the way and take in the scenery. Taking your mind off personal problems should be a goal while walking. If you have problems doing this, start a journal which you write in after each walk, describing what you saw that day. Being able to free your mind for a short time every day helps generate more positive thoughts.

Morning brings a fresh start every single day, giving us the opportunity to begin all over again, leaving yesterday in the past. It’s almost like spring, but most of us don’t look at it this way. So the change of season seems to be more significant for us, as the ground begins taking on new life beneath our feet, it becomes more noticeable visually all around us; as we eagerly await all of springs beauty it has to offer. The new life of spring gives us that hope within us for better things to come. Our spirits are filled with warmth, like the sun shining upon our faces, it soothes the soul. Take the time to embrace this spring, and let go of the past. Renew yourself with walks or meditation and find new meanings to your life. Promote your own happiness by cleansing your life of insignificant items you no longer need or enjoy, not to mention relationships that no longer work for you. Sometimes when we feel ‘stuck’ in certain situations it’s time to reevaluate the purpose of it. Renewal and hope, that’s what this time of year brings, to all who open their hearts and minds. Keep your past in the past and embrace your future; this is what’s great every spring… it’s never too late for that fresh start. Have a wonderful Easter.

Make your week count.