Like a bunch of kinder garden kids the forward tee players started the day at Coral Canyon golf course sounding like the “three little bears” trying to decide which tee to play from. The whites are just a “little” to long and the red is just a “little” to short. So some took matters into their own hands and started hitting from the red tees, that is once they found them so far up from the white. The first hole was the par four number 10. Tim Bergstrom was talked into hitting his driver and drove over the green. The rest of the “ladies” were all near the green on their drives. It was so short that on the normal par three 6th hole was only 38 yds to the pin. One player was over heard saying, “can you imagine if you got a hole in one today and had to admit it was only 38yds”. At the end of the day the course got the best of even these senior players. Don Mannon and Bubba Petrick were they only players to break 80 with a 77 and a 78. Low net was a three way tie between Tim Bergstrom(81), Bubba Petrick, Willie Nelson (90) and Ray Halicki (91) with net 68’s. Bergstrom’s birdie four on the 2nd hdcp hole won first place low net.