On March 3, 2015 Israeli P.M. Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the U.S.congress regarding Obama’s nuclear deal to guarante Iran receiving nuclear weapons for fear that Iran would ignore the terms of this deal. Many democratic elected politicians such as super delegates boycotted his speech and sheepishly supported Obama’s nuclear deal for political reasons that solely benefited their party.

According to the deal, the Obama administration promised Iran we would attack Israel if Israel attacked Iran in spite of Iran’s renewed threats to eliminate Israel, the only nation in that region that shares our values. Obama has shown nothing but contempt for Israel and given aid to Israeli’s enemies. There has never been a political party that hostile to an ally in American history following Obama’s lead as the single worst enemy in Israel’s existence.

Israel is our best source of intelligence in the Middle East. It is inconceivable that the United States could make a deal so threatening to Israel’s existence. Without Israel, Iran and ISIS can take over the Middle East thus making the United States a much more vulnerable target.

It seems the deal has no restrictions on Iran and that we are aligned with terrorists. We need to end sheep politics and find out and expose the names of the senators and congressmen who approved this terrible deal and elect Republicans to overturn the deal and increase sanctions so that countries threatened by Iran or ISIS will unite with us.

Richard Pavlo