Display Photo_050216Mesquite, NV — A new display recognizing the 16 judges that served the Mesquite community from 1903-2012 can now be viewed at the Mesquite Justice Facility lobby. Completed in time for the annual Mesquite Days celebration, the display is intended to honor and remember those that have served in our local courts.

“Neither the state nor the county had a complete list of those who had served in our justice court over the past century”, observed current Mesquite Judge Ryan Toone. “This display was a team effort and reflects the assistance of local historians, the Virgin Valley Historical Society, and the family and friends of past judges.”

Hyrum William Burgess_JP_1903-1905In addition to the historical display, brief biographical sketches of the judges are now available on the municipal (www.court.mesquitenv.gov) and justice court (www.clarkcountynv.gov/justicecourt/mesquite) websites. These short bios provide glimpses into the lives of those who served with an emphasis on their work in the court. Many of the biographical sketches contain excerpts from early court records or copies of news articles.

“Reading the early court records leaves you with the impression that these judges were dedicated to serving their community, they used common sense, and were committed to following the law”, Toone remarked. “I hope readers find the bios interesting and informative.”

In addition to learning about the history of the Mesquite courts, the community is invited to utilize the online services available on the municipal court and justice court websites. These websites provide answers to frequently asked questions about court matters, case information, online payment options, and forms.