Jan. 16, 1923, Littlefield, AZ:  The cowboys have been riding the range looking after poor cattle the past week.

Jan. 20, 1910, Bunkerville:  The stork brought a baby boy on the 19th to the home of Orange Earl.  Papa steps around as lively as ever.

Jan. 21, 1916:  A meeting was held last Sunday by the citizens of the valley for the purpose of getting a grist mill.  J Lewis Pulsipher was put in as agent for the mill.  We expect the mill to be in running order by harvest time.

Jan. 22,1921:  The work of construction on the bridge across the Rio Virgin between Mesquite and Bunkerville is making good progress.  The pilling approaches are completed and the work of putting the steel trusses in place has begun.  It is estimated that two months will suffice to complete the structure.

Jan. 22, 1900:  Mr. J. S. Giles returned from Bunkerville, NV. this week and late yesterday afternoon was arrested by Deputy United States Marshal Smith on the charge of forgery, the federal grand jury having found an indictment against him the 5th of this month.