Aurdi Durrence; Kathy Graves; Russ Graves; Lorna Hardy; Rick Hardy; Millie Cummings; and Caroline Pope. Submitted photo

By Ann Steele

The murder of a wealthy cotton plantation owner, six different suspects all with motive, a riverboat setting, a captivated audience and Cajun-style food all add up to one thing: a Murder Mystery Lunch and Show!

Dressed in costumes befitting the time and setting, the players (Rick Hardy as the gambler Marty Graw; Millie Cummings as the deck boy Allie Gater; Lorna Hardy as the burlesque queen Candy Barr; Caroline Pope as Cap’n Jack; Russ Graves as piano player Ragtime Joe; and Kathy Graves as the widow Rose Thorne) took the audience back to 1905 onboard the riverboat Magnolia Queen, where wealthy cotton plantation owner Benton Thorne has been found stabbed to death in his cabin.

Everyone has motive and it’s up to Scarlett Diamond, gambler, frequent traveler and narrator played by Aurdi Durrence, to provide background on the case and guide the interrogation as fingers are pointed, accusations fly, and secrets are revealed.  The audience was asked whom they thought the murderer could be before the identity was finally revealed.

Marianne Johnstone, who normally hosts Murder Mysteries in her home, brought her cast of players to the Senior Mesquite Center once again on Jan. 13, to the delight of the 45 audience members in attendance. The players read from scripts but added hilarious ad-libs as well.  The show was entertaining and well-played, and the Cajun-style lunch was a delicious addition to the affair.

Anyone interested in participating in future Murder Mysteries can contact Johnstone at (702) 345-4459.  You’re sure to have a “killer” time!