I am a concerned and frustrated member of the Recreation Center.  When I became a member last year I was told I would have access to the pool whenever the Recreation Center was open.

I enjoyed the Water Aerobic classes on Monday-Wednesday-Friday mornings on a weekly basis until the center was closed for annual cleaning.  After the cleaning the indoor pool was out of commission for over a month due to a faulty pump and/or heater.   The cooler weather of winter set in and the water temperature of the pool could not be regulated to a comfortable temperature, rendering it unusable.

As a senior, the pool is beneficial to the aging body for a number of health issues, including (but not limited to) arthritis and mobility.  But it is not, and can even be harmful if the water is to cold.  The pool was shut down again to replace the heater for another few weeks.  However, this did not happen until after other members complained to the centers’ management.  Now, the classes have been canceled due to the lack of certified life guards. I, along with all the other members that enjoy the indoor pool have paid our membership dues in good faith believing we would have access to a clean, heated and safe pool.  That has not been the case for several months. My first recommendation to rectify these issues is to have a Recreation Center Manager that actually manages, anticipates problems and plans ahead.  Management knows when the student life guards are not going to be available and that regular maintenance of the pool would limit or even eliminate pool down time.  My other recommendations are: a)      Have a dedicated, experienced pool maintenance person on staff to ensure the pool is cleaned regularly and the water temperature is maintained at a comfortable level.  I have observed two or three ladies cleaning the pool tiles with tooth brushes and scrub brushes (on a volunteer basis) when the tiles became covered with scum. This is not only wrong, but unhealthy for everyone that uses the pool. If the pool was properly maintained and cleaned on a regular basis, that would not be necessary. b)      Make it mandatory for all paid staff members be certified as life guards and made available to step in when the temporary student life guards are unavailable. c)      Have a dedicated maintenance crew to ensure the locker rooms are cleaned and maintained on a regular basis.  There are shower stalls without curtains and the floors are definitely not sanitary. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well I have pictures but am unable to upload them. They were taken by me Monday, April 18, 2016. Sincerely, Karen Sonnenberg Mesquite NV