The Relay day weather hit us all with wind and sprinkles as we attempted to set up our canopies and tents but we pushed through it all. Some of us set them aside and set up our tables to welcome all the survivors, caretakers and other guests. We moved things around and changed our plans but WE WON in the end. We did not let the weather dampen our spirit.

We had the Survivor and Caretaker dinner, the walks, the Luminaria Ceremony and great music to keep us motivated. Many walked through the night on and off and there were some of us that stayed all night until the 8 a.m. breakfast and final lap.

A great time was had by all who participated in any way and we should be proud of our contribution to the many programs and research that keep going through the donations made in connection with the Relay events everywhere.

Here in Mesquite, we can continue to contribute through the Relay for Life Mesquite NV website and each of the teams shown therein. Also, the Dinner for Life at the Eureka Town Square on May 3, will wrap up the 2016 Relay festivities. Tickets can be purchased at J. S. Merchant at the Casino.

A great big THANK YOU to everyone who participated, donated and provided food and services to make this celebration wonderful.

Susan Mongalier Relay Luminaria Organizer